Dangers of the Button Battery

Button battery
As batteries become smaller and more powerful,  the number of swallowing incidents involving serious injury and death is going up.  Most often, incidents involve children under age 4 and the elderly (who mistake small batteries for a pill).   Sometimes the battery will pass through the intestine and sometimes it can become stuck in the throat or in the intestines.  A battery can cause chemical burns in as few as two hours.
If a child swallows a button battery, the symptoms can look like a common illness like an upset stomach and fever, but sometimes there are no symptoms at all.  In fact, over  60% of incidents are first given the wrong diagnosis.
How to prevent swallowing?
  • Do not allow children to play with button batteries.
  • Never allow a child to put button batteries in their mouth for any reason — they are slippery and are easily swallowed.
  • Keep button batteries out of your child’s reach and throw them out with care.
  • Keep electronics out of your child’s reach if the battery compartment does not have a screw to keep it closed.
  • If it would help, use tape to keep the battery compartment closed.
cell batteries
–Janell Mayo Duncan

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