Bicycle Helmet Safety

A bicycle helmet protects best when you wear it correctly.  At a recent cycling event in New York, Consumer Reports Magazine observed 570 adults and 55 children.  Most of the adults (84%) and nearly all of the children were wearing helmets.  However, about 10% of the adults’ helmets were on lopsided (worn too far back on their heads) and over one-third of the children had loose chin straps or their helmets were crooked.

When wearing a helmet make sure that:  Bicycle Helmet In Font View

  • it fits snugly
  • it sits straight (level) on the head with the front edge about an inch above your eyebrows
  • it is not gouged, cracked, or damaged
  • it has not been involved in an accident (even if it looks fine)

happy young boy riding a bike outdoorsWhat’s wrong with this picture? The boy’s helmet sits too far back on his head…..

–Janell Mayo Duncan

COPYRIGHT©2015 by Living Well Black, Inc.

Source:  “What’s your bike helmet habit?Consumer Reports, May 9, 2015 (Viewed 5/26/2015)

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