5 Reasons Why We Need LWB!

1. For our children.  Accidents are the number one health threat to all children.  However, our children are much more likely to be harmed from drowning, accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed, poisoning, residential fires, and car accidents.  Other health threats impact our children too.  We can do more to keep our children safe and healthy.  LWB’s goal is to let you know how.

2. For our moms, sisters and daughters who are more likely to have low birth weight babies – even with over 13 years of education.  African American women have a higher risk for some autoimmune diseases.  Along with our fathers, brothers, and sons, black women are more likely to experience heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers.  It is LWB’s mission to provide advice to improve health and wellness.

3. For our dads, brothers, and sons — for our families.  Unique stresses affect our families.  Some of these stresses prevent us from reaching our best health.  Moms most often take the lead role in guiding family members to better health, and LWB will be a resource to help strengthen, uplift, and heal our families.

4. For answers.  Because we are tired of hearing about our disadvantages and want answers.  We want advice tailored to our experiences and the challenges we face.   LWB will seek out the best resources, experts, and information to help us overcome these obstacles.

5. For advocacy.  Where we don’t have enough information to protect ourselves and our families, LWB will seek answers.  Where policy changes are needed LWB will advocate for change.

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