Living Well Black is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

Living Well Black is dedicated to improving health, wealth, and success in the black community through outreach, empowerment, and advocacy.

Our Work

We serve as a resource for African Americans seeking better health, increased wealth, and greater success. Through partnerships, an on-line presence, and direct outreach, LWB was created to offer information and advice for overcoming obstacles to an improved life.

Many decisions are made in and around Washington, D.C. every day.  Some of these laws and policy decisions are helpful and many are not. LWB will take a close look at policy decisions and let you know what we’ve found.  We will advocate for policies that support our efforts to improve our lives, and will oppose policies likely to be harmful to our community.

Ananse Ntontan

The symbol to the right is the West African Adinkra symbol for a spider’s web, “Ananse LWB- Lone Symbol-2Ntontan.” It represents wisdom, creativity, and life’s complexities.